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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Apps for Scanning and OCR

One of the needs that I have faced while working in office is to capture the content drawn on whiteboard and OCR. The best app that I have found that does that is CamScanner. Please scan the QR code on the left to install this app.
This app is the best app to take pictures of document or whiteboards. It take the picture, cleans it up and then adjusts the perspective of the picture as well.
One can take multiple pictures and make a PDF document of the many pictures. There is a basic version available for free and one can also buy a paid version with additional features which includes things like cloud sync and some other stuff.
The app also allows one to share the document over many mediums like email, evernote, drive or any other service that you may have installed that can handle pdf documents.
Once we have taken a picture, the next step sometime is to perform an OCR on the picture.  Here one of the old time favorite application from Google stable, Goggles comes in handy. Google Goggle along with Translate offers services for OCR and translation as well. Give these apps a spin.