Sunday, October 18, 2009

Geotagging photos from your DSLR

I have never been a great fan of camera phones or even point and shoot ones for that matter. So I always used a GPS logger while shooting photos from my DSLR. Earlier I used to use Nokia Sportstracker application. Now since I have started using a Android phone, I needed to find an alternative to that solution.
From the time MyTracks application was released by Google, it has become easy to take a GPS log. The latest version of MyTracks application also allows user to send the track as a GPX file to any email address. So one can start recording a track, shoot all the pictures and then email the track as GPX file and then use any of the available open source applications for tagging photos.
I use GPicSync which is available for free download.

Android Donut 1.6 for HTC G1

I know it is late but I finally got Android 1.6 firmware for my G1. It adds new market and some other minor improvements. On the downside though now I get more frequent out of space errors so my guess is that the new firmware occupies significantly more space on the device and any further updates may be in question.