Saturday, January 6, 2018

Why I finally believe Microsoft is a changed company

The media has been talking about how Microsoft is a changed company. I never believed that story. I have seen many large companies trying to change and eventually fail. There are examples of Motorola, Bell Labs, HP, Nokia; all of them trying to change but failing at it.

Yesterday one of my friends introduced me to this new app called "SMS Organizer". The name could have been better but leaving that part aside, it looks like a typical thing that you expect Googles and Apples of the world to do, not expected from Microsoft at all. The fact that they built an app that solves a key problem and released it on android indicates to the fact that it is a changed company.

The app itself is fantastic, it takes a "Inbox by Gmail" approach to the SMS. I believe this is something that Google should have done years ago but they chose to ignore it. Following are the key features of the app.

  • You have Bill reminders right on top
  • Messages are categorized as personal, promotional, transactional. 
  • You can block SMS messages. 
  • You can put rules to delete messages like OTP and promotions to be deleted after a certain period. 
  • You can backup your SMS messages to Google Drive
It is a great app, I am still playing with it to see if it completely replaces the native messaging app but as of now, it looks promising.