Monday, December 14, 2009

How to get Motorola Milestone in India

So, I waited and waited and waited some more and could not find anyway on how to get Motorola Milestone in India. There was no news from company so I decided to take matter in my own hands.

It was available on UK online retailer eXpansys on 10th of December 2009, so I decided to order directly from them. In the end, it seems to have worked out very well. I ordered and my order reached in time before they ran out of stock.

Since they were shipping outside EU territory, I did not have to pay VAT which was 15%. That saved me £59.56. I had to pay £22.95 as shipping (in place of £5.95) so I ended up paying £17.00 extra.

The shipping was through DHL international and they cleared customs and charged me Rs. 2002/- as custom charges. In the end I got the phone for a price way less than what I would have paid if I got it shipped to somebody in UK and asked him to bring back.

Total cost to me for the phone was around Rs. 33,500/-. The only downside is that in place of $ symbol on keyboard, it has £ symbo.l. I think I can live with that.


  1. Dear Yaniv i had a query the warranty for the milestone an international warranty or a national warranty???

  2. hey yaniv...good to know somebody tried that.actually I was also about to order it from Hey do you think will there be any differnece in duty or any other taxes b/w Delhi or Noida? I m doubtful coz some ebayer do not ship their stuff to Noida..they say UP has some state tax too..any idea? i'll b greatful... :)

  3. hey could you tell me how much was the import duty charges for the phone since i am considering buying a desire from expansys. I live in india as well.

  4. hi
    i am looking to purchase from expansys also. just worried abt duty here. can u tell me where to find out abt duty etc?

  5. i am pretty sure u get it cheaper in india, i saw milestone at croma quite a few months ago...